Rama Ultimate Sensation

IDR 930k net / 150 Minutes

A full treatment including foot bath body massage, body scrub, body mask, with a Balinese scalp massage to reduce all tension, stimulate blood circulation and hair growth. Exotic Herbal bath.

Rama Royal Package

IDR 1.090k net / 150 Minutes

Get fresher look and be ready for your big day. Start from flower foot bath with essential oil canaga, Balinese massage, scrub lulur, flower bath with herbal, aromatic scented dupa, traditional facial for bride, reflexology for groom, creambath and ended with relaxing herbal tea

Balinese Heritage

IDR 600k net / 100 minutes

Feel and enjoy our traditional heritage treatment. Like in the past...A real Balinese massage followed by “Boreh” spicy scrub, special old traditinal recipe. All done to remove dead cells and awaken your body and senses. Natural herbal bath.

Balinese Sensation

IDR 600k net / 100 minutes

A combination of traditional balinese massage and body scrub, a favorite treatment for guests here in Bali. It starts with a foot bath and completes with a flower bath which refreshes you fully. Healthy drink will be served.

Rama Mask Ritual

IDR 530k net / 50 Minutes

For detoxification, start with stretching body massage, then continued by body masking, wrapping, and rain shower.

Royal Exfoliation Ritual

IDR 530k net / 50 minutes

Scrub will help to remove dead cells and make your skin smooth and radiant. We are offering five kinds of scrub for you to choose from: Green Tea, Traditional Lulur, Rose, Chocolate and Coffee.

Paradise for Two

IDR 1.450k net / 150 Minutes

Designed for those celebrating any special occasion, anniversary, honeymooning, even friendship. This package includes various treatments: foot bath, balinese massage, body srub, yogurt splash, facial/reflexology and flower bath.

Heaven for Me

IDR 930k net / 150 minutes

Induge yourself...This package includes various treatments: foot bath, balinese massage, body srub, yogurt splash, facial/reflexology and flower bath.

For Him Package

IDR 725k net / 150 Minutes

A complete treatment designed specifically for men which includes neck and shoulder massage, pedicure, aromatic foot reflexology and facial.

Calming Package

IDR 725k net / 120 minutes

The package includes; foot bath, Balinese traditional body massage, traditional facial and herbal tea.

Relaxing Treat

IDR 670k net / 120 minutes

The package includes; foot bath, Balinese traditional massage, foot massage reflexology & aromatherapy and herbal tea.

After Sun Care

IDR 225k net / 45 Minutes

The treatment intended to repair sun damages and includes; foot bath, aloe vera body wrap and rain shower.

Rama Body Massage Rejuvenation

IDR 415k net / 90 Minutes
IDR 345k net / 60 Minutes

Traditional massage passed down for generations, blends stretching, acupressure with Balinese Spices to relax your mind and balance the body.

Rama Revitalizing Massage

IDR 295k net / 45 Minutes
IDR 245k net / 30 Minutes

A quick way to regain your fitness after a long tiring day with acupressure massage to relieve the pain of tense muscle and sorepoints. Only neck and shoulder massage.

Stone Massage

IDR 485k net / 60 Minutes

The traditional stone body massage is a healing ritual comprehensing of warm stones laid in accordance to size and shape of the body this massage enhances blood circulation, reducing pain in muscles, ligaments. Relief stress and tension.

Asian Lomi-Lomi

IDR 500k net / 90 Minutes

Subliminal body massage using special movements with hands and elbow to release tension. The pressure will stimulate blood flow to release toxins, allowing the body to naturally heal it self. Alternating soft and deep pressure.

Lymphatic Massage

IDR 595k net / 90 Minutes

This massage is designed to drain out bad toxins naturally by reactivating our lymph nodes. Stress and fatigue can block our lymph nodes. For better effect and result you must not eat or drink anything al least 2 hours before treatment. By appointment only.

Shirodara Ritual Massage

IDR 675k net / 60 Minutes

An ancient ayurvedic ritual treatment, to purify your mind. Be free of all negative waves and enhance blood circulation to the brain. To release fatigue, nerves tensions and to relax all our senses. Includes: Foot bath, body massage, scalp massage, shirodara ritual and shower.

Chakra Balance Therapy

IDR 425k net / 30 minutes

Using crystals, pendulums and polished rumble stones for healing and relaxation, meditation, to attract postives and repel negative energies.

Young Prince or Princess Massage

IDR 120k net / 30 Minutes

For your juniors Prince or Princess. Special gentle massage to relax their body and mind. (8 - 14 years).

Rama Detox Treatment

IDR 850k net / 120 Minutes

This procedure is done by massaging the area in our body that stores toxin and cellulite. Then, we pump the unwanted toxin into the stomach and it is then taken naturally thru the body elimation process. The treatment takes approx 1.5 hour and the client must not take food at least 2 hours before in order for the massage to be effective.

Traditional Facial

IDR 429k net / 60 minutes

This rejuvenating facial massage is done with traditional natural ingredients that fully refresh you, it also includes a head massage and requires 60 minutes for full duration.

Aromatic Foot Reflexology

IDR 220k net / 30 minutes

The treatment starts with sea salt peppermint foot bath, full reflexology session with Balinese oil or cream. Warm towel and foot lotion.

Pretty Fingers & Toes

IDR 535k net / 60 Minutes

A complete manicure and pedicure package which includes hand and foot bath stimulation, cuticles treatment, relaxing massage that works you up your limbs. It is completed with nail polish or nail buffer for a healthy glow.

Pevonia Botanica

Experience Pevonia treatments for optimum de-aging & unparalleled relaxation. Pevonia Botanica skin care products & in-spa treatments unite the finest natural marine & botanical ingredients with advanced delivery system for maximum absorbency and truly phenomenal results.

  • Pevonia Pure Essential : IDR 550k net / 60 minutes
  • Youthfull Collagen : IDR 750k net / 60 minutes
  • Pevinuia Men Facial : IDR 550k net / 60 minutes
  • Sunburn Facial : IDR 400k net / 60 minutes
  • Waterlily Body Wrap : IDR 550k net / 45 minutes
  • Waterlily Body Wrap & Sunburn Facial : IDR 750k net / 75 minutes